About us

La Casa de Cine is a Mexican production company founded in 2007 by Chisco Laresgoiti and Jordi Mariscal which has undertaken various film projects including shorts, documentaries, and feature films. Among the awards received, highlights include the Toronto International Film Festival – Kids Award for the film Cinnamon (Canela) and the press award at the Mérida and Yucatán International Film Festival for the film Guilt of Fog (Niebla de culpa).

The company’s mission is to create high-quality film stories that move audiences. We agree on the importance of touching the hearts of the public. Furthermore, we aim to use our documentaries to raise greater awareness and reflection on transcendent themes, including environmental conservation and the remnants of our history.

Chisco Laresgoiti is a director and producer of films and documentaries. He completed a marketing master’s degree at the Tecnológico de Monterrey and pursued a film diploma in New York. His last two films, Guilt of Fog (Niebla de culpa).and Black Days (Días negros), have been awarded in several festivals.

Jordi Mariscal is a director and producer of films and documentaries. He studied journalism at El País (Madrid), obtained a master’s degree in comparative literature at the Universidad Iberoamericana, and earned a diploma in screenwriting in London. He has directed the film Cinnamon (Canela) and his recent work is the environmental series Green Heroes (Héroes Verdes)


One of the first Mexican science fiction films.



Cinnamon, The Movie

It was the winner of the TIFF Kids International Film Festival’s Children’s Jury Prize in 2013. Its world premiere took place at the Berlin International Film Festival in 2012. . It was selected at the Seoul International Youth Film Festival (2012) as well as the Chicago Latino Film Festival (2012), among others.





Director: Jordi Mariscal
5 Episodes /Color / 55 minutes / Spanish and English

A five-episode documentary series about Mexicans working to improve and care for the environment in the country. The goal is to raise awareness among the Mexican audience through personal stories that serve as inspiration for change and nature conservation.


Directores: Chisco Larsgoiti y Miguel Bonilla Schnaas
Color/ 25 minutes / Spanish
Cast: To define English voice and Spanish voice.

Sanctuaries of the Infinite is a documentary film that showcases the grandeur of our ancestors’ cities using drones, pre-Hispanic music, and poetic narration. Inspired by the iconic piece “Sentinels of Silence” by Robert Amram and Manuel Arango, director Chisco Laresgoiti returns to Mexico’s most important sanctuaries to capture unprecedented images from fresh and surprising perspectives. The natural elements and personality of each place enrich the narrative of the eight chosen sites: Tulum, Chichén Itzá, Uxmal, Palenque, Calakmul, Teotihuacán, Monte Albán, and Paquimé.

ATALAYA (2024)


Directores: Chisco Larsgoiti y Miguel Bonilla Schnaas
Color/ 60 minutes / Spanish and English

“Atalaya” is a piece that uncovers the filming anecdotes of two emblematic projects of Mexican archaeology: “Sentinels of Silence” (1971) and “Infinite Sanctuaries” (2022), as well as in-depth interviews with the most relevant archaeologists in the country. It features interviews with Manolo Arango and Robert Amram, Oscar winners for “Sentinels of Silence,” as well as with the directors of the INAH. The documentary narrates, in a fresh and innovative manner, the most recent archaeological discoveries in Mexico. It contains the latest premises in research.



Director: Miguel Bonilla Schnass
Producers: Chisco Laresgoiti, Jordi Mariscal, and Yaqui Martínez
3 Episodes/ Color/ 60 minutes / Spanish and English

A three-episode documentary series that delves into Mexican psychedelics, from their ancestral heritage in pre-Hispanic times to their current situation. It also showcases the ethnic worldview, medical use, and spiritual significance. A marvelous journey to remote corners of the country, including Oaxaca and Sonora, featuring interviews with experts on the subject, such as indigenous peoples, therapists, and scholars who reveal the qualities and importance of psychedelic substances.


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